In an effort to help Hudson Valley farmers and makers in our membership, the Hudson Valley Textile Project is launching HVTP Maker Boxes! This curated box of handmade goods and supplies for making from the HVTP community will provide a new platform for selected handmade businesses to be able to sell their products online.  Products will be selected and the boxes will be pre-ordered and fulfilled through the Brooklyn General Store website.  

HVTP’s responsibility
sell the items, collect payment from customers, manage and optimize the online marketplace.

Maker’s responsibility
Complete submission form. If selected, send sample to Brooklyn General Store for photography. Produce the items after pre-order. Maker must have the capacity to make 50-100 items.  

Cost for the business
Credit Card Processing Fee: 3% per transactionMarketplace
Referral Fee: 9% on products sold

HVTP will pay each Maker for items sold, less the credit card fee and marketplace referral fee. Up-charge of product pricing to the customers: 12% (if desired). If you do not want to increase your pricing, you can, of course, sell at the price you desire, but know that 12% will come off the sale for expenses.

What’s required from the maker/supplier now:

  • Complete and submit the form below.
  • Desired method of payment (Venmo? Paypal? check ?)
  • Provide HVTP with photos of your product – ready for web (1200 X 1200, at least 300 DPI)
  • Provide a short bio (100 words or less) for use on the website with a photo of maker/supplier and/or your logo for use in our newsletter.
  • Items should be able to fit in a 9×12 box and the price point should be in the $20 range.
  • DEADLINE for application – April 1st 2022
Inclusion in the Makers Box is only available to members, please become a member in order to request to be included in the makers box. If you are a member and you are seeing this message, please sign in.