We are looking for members who would like to do a one day Social Media Take-over to show a ‘day-in-the-life’ of our members. What your business is, what types of things you do, raising & caring for your animals, what you make, the process of making, etc.

How it Works:

Read through this page, then if it all sounds good, reach out to us via the form below to let us know you would be interested in taking part in this.

All of the posts will be scheduled ahead of time to post to our Instagram & Facebook social media channels and you will reply from your business’ account, so that our followers can see that it is actually you engaging with them, and not a social media manager or member of the board.

A Did-You-Know post that you provide, related to your business/content you will be showing during your take over will go up the day before as an announcement of your take over. An introduction post from the HVTP will go up the morning of the take over, with a little bit of info (that you provide) about you/your business. Then we would like 4-5 posts from you to run throughout the day. The first & last can be self intro/hello and good bye/thank you posts, and the ones in the middle can be whatever you would like.

Your main contact will be Eric, he will help you out getting all of these posts ready and scheduled, answer questions, etc.

What we Need From You:

We will need the following content for each post:

  • Image/images/video/videos
  • Description
  • Hashtags

Other things we will need:

  • A “Did-You-Know” post.
  • Information for an introduction.
  • If you would like to post to HVTP’s stories or go live during your take over.

When promoting it on our own social media channels we would like you to use the following hashtags:

  • #HVTPx___ (your business name, abbr.) This must be setup and agreed upon ahead of time so we all match 🙂
  • #HVTPTakeover

Social Media Take-over Request