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Sarah Boink, is pleased to announce the opening of her new business venture, Sizz Handmade, LLC a for profit business that combines her artistic passion and experience, located at The Brouwer House Creative, the oldest house in Schenectady County; owned and operated by the Schenectady County Historical Society. Her signature collection “Weave Along The Chakras” is being released this Spring. The collection is a series of seven weaving kits, each inspired by the colors and energy source of the chakras. The kit comes with a downloadable instruction manual, a video tutorial, and a guided meditation. What makes the weaving project unique is learning to embed a curated crystal into a circular loom with the goal of setting an intention for yourself. The yarns are all hand spun and naturally dyed. Collaborations such as The Brouwer House Creative have helped Sizz Handmade gain traction as a new business venture in the community this past year. Before lock-down began, Sarah hosted her first in-person weaving workshop at Star + Splendor, a shop for self-care. Additionally, Darn Good Yarn, an online ethical yarn & clothing store headquartered in Clifton Park, NY sells her weaving kits online. And just this past September, Sarah joined as a founding member of Palette Café Schenectady, a co-working space geared towards female entrepreneurs. Sarah said recently, “building the business of my dreams is the most rewarding and scariest thing I’ve ever done, but with recent support from women lead businesses I admire so much, if feel confident in my abilities to serve an underserved market – people like me - middle-aged women who are busy and know self-care is important for our overall mental health and wellbeing – especially during these times of uncertainty”. To complement the weaving kits, Sarah is offering virtual weaving workshops once a month in collaboration with Palette Café and Star + Splendor this April through October. Sarah’s goal is to help women and men find inspiration and support through the art of tapestry weaving. The weaving kits will soon be available online at

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