HVTP Common Threads: A Conversation with Kathy Fogarty of Midnight Mercantile

A longtime friend, Kathy talks about her personal experience in the fashion industry.

Program notes

Website: www.midnightmercantile.com
IG: midnightmercantile
Etsy: midnightmercantileus

Further reading/viewing

Fibershed: Growing a Movement of Farmers, Fashion Activists, and Makers for a New Textile Economy by Rebecca Burgess

Vanishing Fleece:Adventures in American Wool by Clara Parkes

Mending Matters: Stitch, Patch, and Repair Your Favorite Denim & More by Katrina Rodabaugh

The True Cost – A 2015 documentary on fast fashion

Original Music and performance on hammered dulcimer by Cathy Marczyk.  Listen to more on Soundcloud

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