4th Annual Summit, Friday July 30 – Celebrating New York Makers and Their Materials

  • Hybrid format with those that are able meeting in one location; and others joining virtually
  • Free admission for all students (of all ages) with student ID or as registered by their teacher.
  • Possible Keynote speaker or a panel of speakers: Farming or maker market leaders
  • Show Sheep of the Hudson Valley videos interspersed throughout the Summit program.
  • Learn about new Cornell Cooperative Extension Program Work Team for animal fiber.
  • Updates on including plant and animal fiber in NY Grown & Certified branding efforts
  • Information on how to get your products placed in New York Makers and Taste NYstores.
  • Introduce and update on HVTP’s new initiatives for 2021 including youth, BIPOC, andbeginning farmer/maker mentoring initiative.
  • Discuss on-going and future projects: Wool scouring, mushroom fabric and others

Diversity Awareness and Inclusion Planning and Programming

  • Mentoring programs – such as Ulster BOCES student engagement with Summit and post-Summit networking. See work of HVTP member Mark Grigalunas with Careers in Textiles Symposium for Handweavers Guild of America.
  • Education and training on marketing and financing fiber-related small businesses such as developed by Vogue Knitting for the LIVE Launchpad program
  • Workshops and field trips on how dyers, designers, makers can access locally sourced and processed materials; and highlighting successful examples as case studies
  • Grants, scholarships, cost sharing such as through Loveland Foundation and others TBD
  • Role of The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region and members of the Catalysts for Change Leadership Program cohort in program and fund development.
  • How to make Festivals more inclusive for BIPOC vendors and attendees

Three tiers of engagement and exposure to locally sourced fiber and sustainably processed textiles

1 Fiber Tasting Event

  • via Zoom with famous guest host;
  • showing the videos/slides
  • Showcase at least one BIPOCfarmer, designer or maker ineach tasting package.
  • People would pay to attend andreceive the materials to be discussed (or could attend for free without the materials)

2 HV Fiber Box for Crafters

  • Comes out 4 times/year
  • 2021 planning, advertising, andpre-sale
  • roll-out/launch at Rhinebeck.
  • Possible partnerships with TasteNY, New York Makers, andFulton Stall Market;
  • direct to consumer (will needfulfillment plan).
  • 5-6 items/box that intentionallyincludes one or more BIPOCdesigners
  • categories of items for boxes (see Seasonal Slow Knitting)

3 Home or Fashion Accessory Challenge

  • Planning committee to determine rules
  • A list of designers or just certain patterns?
  • Showcase at least one farmer, designer or maker of color.
  • See The Wooly Thistle Colorwork Accessory KAL as example; or “Shave Em to Save Them” Passport.

On-going and Routine Initiatives

  • Continue regional/community promotions grants – up to $250 per award
  • “Did you know” series for Instagram
  • Directory of fleece and fiber available in the region and how to acquire, including possible collaboration with NYS Grown & Certified
  • Website and social media updates
  • Wool scouring capacity development including partnerships with other regions andfund development through grant seeking
  • Fiber Animals of the Hudson Valley Video Series – expand to alpacas, goats and fine wool group
  • Improve utilization of the HVTP photo library

Maybe more than can be done this year, discuss at Summit

  • Climate change initiatives include synthetic fiber waste in landfills, microfiber run-off and communications around soil-to-soil concepts
  • Farm to Fashion event or week in NYC – stand-alone or in conjunction with other NYS visibility efforts at Textile Month and Fashion Week
  • Bast fiber growing and processing R&D; and demonstration projects and partnerships
  • Bio-fabricated materials including mushroom fabric

Contact us for more information or to volunteer to help out with any of these projects.