Cold Opens are always awkward but here’s Lilly Marsh :-)

Image by Lisa J. Godfrey, LLC

Introducing oneself is always a little awkward. I’ve been part of the fiber world as a shepherd, a production artisan, an academic, and as a business owner over the last 30 years. I’m Lilly Marsh of Lilly Marsh Studios, Queensbury and Glens Falls, NY, and focusing on New York State wool weaving for about 4 years now. I started as a Corriedale shepherd, hand spinner and knitter, but I moved into full time weaving (and out of sheep) when I joined a wonderful cooperative gallery back in Indiana, Artists’ Own, Lafayette, Indiana. After 8 years as member, I left the gallery in 2009 to complete a PhD on Elizabeth Zimmerman and her influence in redefining knitting as serious artisanship, and how that influence was made durable in vibrant new communities both online and in real life. I’m profoundly excited to be part of the Hudson Valley Textile Project’s work on the local supply chain for textile production with a focus on sustainably generating and maintaining healthy human communities on a healthy planet.

Image by Lisa J. Godfrey, LLC

I’m in the studio now full time, and thrilled to focus on local wool weaving with both great local fiber and a great processor, Battenkill Fiber Mill, so accessible in our upstate NY region. I weave on commission for Battenkill, usually blankets and throws, but also commission the mill to produce custom yarns for my retail studio work. I have three production looms that I keep busy with Angie B. my fabulous studio assistant, and a lovely sweet thug of a studio pup, Luka. You’ll probably hear a lot more about both of them.

Over the next several months, I’ll be telling you about various projects I’ve been working on to bring local wool from local farmers into finished woven items and profiling different members of the fiber community as we’ve intersected around our interests, as well as a few glimpses into life as a full time production weaver.  Plus there will be studio pup pictures, and possibly grand baby pictures!! Life ahead is full of possibilities.

Images by Lisa J. Godfrey, LLC

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Lilly Marsh

Lilly Marsh Studios can help you bring your fiber ideas to reality. As a farmer growing your own fiber and looking for finished products for resale, a designer looking to source local/regional fibers for private label sales, or some combination between, I can help you through the entire process. If you have raw fiber in hand, the Studio can assist in yarn design for specific projects and shepherd you through the milling process. If you are looking to source fiber, we can help find high quality regional materials suitable for your designs. We have small minimums but can also handle larger orders in a wide variety of bed and camp blankets, throws, wraps, home decor and sewing yardage in our solar powered studio.

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