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Studio Life Series #1: January: Time to Exhale

Deep breath, and another …deep, deep breath. After a frantic rush to complete 20 yards of Hudson Farm Cloth sewing yardage, 8 unique lap robes, 5 twin blankets, 4 baby blankets, and 4 queen sized blankets between November 12 and December 13, remembering to breathe can be challenging. The Christmas push in the studio is no […]

Cold Opens are always awkward but here’s Lilly Marsh :-)

Introducing oneself is always a little awkward. I’ve been part of the fiber world as a shepherd, a production artisan, an academic, and as a business owner over the last 30 years. I’m Lilly Marsh of Lilly Marsh Studios, Queensbury and Glens Falls, NY, and focusing on New York State wool weaving for about 4 years […]